Our Sustainable Grace Story

In December 2018, the Sustainable Grace Capital Campaign was launched to raise $650,000, the final step needed to secure Grace Church’s financial future. God has blessed Grace Church in many ways in 2018, and we prayerfully hope that He will bring this effort to a bountiful completion by June 2019, when all our building loans come due. We are seeking partners in this effort to create a truly sustainable Grace Church in the Roaring Fork Valley focused on mission and outreach.

  • Background: Opened in 2012, the Grace Church building is likely the last new Christian facility to be built in Pitkin County. This new building came at too dear a cost to our small but vibrant and welcoming congregation. Legal issues during the building process forced inappropriate levels of debt, leaving us in November 2017 with more than $2.475 million of commercial and personal loans.

  • Transformation: Despite challenging circumstances, God provided us with a new young pastor, Luke Miedema, resurrecting our history of gifted preaching and bringing new life and energy with rising attendance and giving.

  • New Gifts & Land Sale More Cut Our Debt by More Than Half to $1.26 Million: Luke brought new outside donors committed to the mission of Grace Church with a gift of $100,000 and a matching grant of $250,000. Our small congregation responded fully and generously by committing $250,000 to secure the match, and personal loan providers forgave $83,000 of debt. This led to total gifts of $683,000. But God was not finished. During the same time, Pitkin County purchased 10 unused acres of our property, leaving us with our building and ample land and $560,000 toward debt reduction.

  • $650,000 Still Needed: Gifts given and pledged to date have been vital. However, to have a truly sustainable financial situation capable of funding mission and outreach, we need to have no more than $600,000 in debt.

  • What Your Gift Will Accomplish

    • Provide permanent presence of Christian mission in a spiritually needy area where no future churches are likely to be built.

    • Ensure a permanent home for both both Grace Church and Hispanic Protestant congregations who also use our building.

    • Enable Grace Church to redirect its resources from loan payments to outreach and growth of God’s kingdom in the Roaring Fork Valley.

    • Serve our community as a venue for weddings, funerals, music programs, meeting space and voting.

    • Fulfill the prayers and many sacrifices of a congregation who, with God’s help, faithfully persevered and committed significant new giving to see the mission of Grace Church realized.

  • How to Partner with Us

    • We would appreciate gifts in any amount. Please see our Giving Page for details on how to give.

    • Please engage with us. Your questions are welcome, and there are even more faith filled details to share. You can contact Luke Miedema, Pastor, at luke@graceroaringfork.com or Dave Hatfield, Elder, at dave@grouphatfield.com.